Consequences Due to the Corruption (Impact Blog Post)
September 13, 2015 Matthew Kim

Consequences Due to the Corruption (Impact Blog Post)

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          In this world, we interact with our acquaintances and friends by sharing a conversation of trends, encouragement for the hard times, devotions for themselves with caring, and mainly, how God loves us. And indeed, we are living in a world not only with cultures, but also with Christian traditions (which we pray god for thanksgiving, loves, and promises). However, there are many negative consequences because of our corruption ever since we have committed sins against God in many ways like when there are some abortions (that can be considered as breaking one of the commandment) happening when someone is not happy about what she has. Also, there are countless amounts of people’s being as “evil” that happens from their heart like selfishness, hatred, cruelty, and for the worse, deception.

          Even though people have their own everything they have like knowledge, wisdom, and style, they tend to make some conflicts caused from being heartless and ruthless so those could lead the others into miseries and sufferings (due to the lack of God’s love). For example, if Japan was forcing poor Korean people into the harsh labors during the World War II (which brought enormous impact around the world), it must be committing many sins against God because of their deception and harshness against their neighbors due to their jealousy against them (when looking them into Christian perspectives). And it is meant to be taken seriously because this historical event involves discrimination regulating the rules of “all men were created equal” and Japan’s half-baked cares for miserable Koreans which opposes against the Christian logic of “loving one another.” (Well, it does not mean that I am going against Japan, but I just want them to be more considerate about their actions by getting into Christian ideals)

          Supporting this consideration about anything bad happening in this world, it is really significant for responsible ones to be challenged about how would they need to change their negative actions through Christian worldview which has a lot of truth, fairness, and loves. Despite of their past actions from something “evil” in their heart, now is not the late timing for them to repent what they have done and be better human beings not in society, but also in Christian community. Eventually, corruption would be a way for people to do their negative actions to cause the consequences that would lead the others into darkness.

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