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September 15, 2014 Hanna Lee


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A beating heart. Clearly a sign that there is still breath left in a living body. To cut off the blood flowing to the heart in one’s own choice is questioned and debated whenever the topic suicide came up. Whatever the reason to finally leave the world by one’s choice is an excuse. Even to say that a person should have never been born or was an accident is nonsense because every human being was born with a reason and has a life to live which the Father has planned.

Life can be hard and feel like there is no other way to move on when there are huge road blocks on the path. Which can lead to emotions such as loneliness, depression, uselessness, and the thought of forgetting an entire pain one was experiencing. However, no matter what situations cause difficulties in peoples’ lives, giving up their last breathe is never the answer. Although at times one will feel the symptoms of committing suicide, they should know that they are never alone because there is always someone who is looking out for them. That someone is God. He created us and we had no choice in the beginning whether or not we wanted to be born into the world He created. Therefore, nor do we have the choice to cut our existence when our Father has no intention of leaving us yet.

If one thinks his/her life is unbearable due to bullying, relationships, education, government and etc. Try thinking again because some wish it was those reasons to be sulking in life for one may be born with no arms and/or legs. Yes, both life styles are difficult to win against, but that is no excuse to leap into death because once one thinks of committing suicide, but lives and starts to live happily, he/she is an example and motivation for others, like Nick Vujicic. He is a living example, inspiration, and soldier of God because even without arms and legs he is still glorifying and thanking Him for giving him a heart to live. If someone with no arms and legs can keep a smile on his face, and talk to many people and reach to their hearts so can anyone else who is having a rough time in life. So committing suicide is not the way to end a life.

Where there is a beating heart, God is still with us and has not left because God is a living God. If the road seems to reach a dead end, remember that Jesus Christ is the way, the truth, and life. He has been always with us ever since the beginning and will be walking with us at each heart beat.

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