God, Morality and The “National Freefall League”
September 16, 2014 Adam Kennedy

God, Morality and The “National Freefall League”

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I’ve never watched much of Keith Olbermann, but watching his two short videos on what he has dubbed the “National Freefall League” truly enlightened me on exactly how far the NFL has fallen this past year. Between the Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson scandals, the conviction of Greg Hardy for domestic abuse, last year’s bullying scandal and the widespread concussion epidemic, the league is collapsing around us and it’s true, greedy color appears to be shining through for the world to see. Between domestic abuse, child abuse, widespread drug problems and the fact that many of these players are still out on the field come Sunday, people have very rightly come out to vocalize their opposition to this disastrous lack of accountability and blatant lack of concern over the actions of their players. This went so far as to have the governor of Minnesota come out and petition for the states star running back Adrian Peterson to be suspended after it was found he violently beat his four year old child with a small tree branch, to the point of bruises and cuts on the boys hands from trying to stop him. It makes me think that Malcolm Muggeridge hit it right on the head when he commented that “the depravity of man is at once the most empirically verifiable reality but at the same time the most intellectually resisted fact.” The NFL certainly seems dead set on rejecting it, as the Minnesota Vikings just recently decided that their statement of how much they care about the welfare of children was a lie and reinstated Peterson after only five days of suspension. I remember listening to one of Ravi Zacharias podcasts, and he told a story of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. He was speaking at Harvard and was mentioning how back in the day his parents and grandparents would all sit around at dinner back in Russia and try to figure out what had gone wrong in their nation. He said his grandfather always said the same thing, and that Solzhenitsyn found that all these years later that it still rang true. His grandfather always said the same thing, “We have forgotten God.”  It seems nowadays, if we’re to take the most popular sport in the nation by a wide margin as our benchmark, that this sentiment is still holding true. We have forgotten God.

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