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Abortion has been an issue in the United States for a while now. The first abortion case was in 1652 in Maryland with the “intention to abort”. Abortion has been a sticky subject for hundreds of years. Whether the abortion is for the women’s health, the baby will be born with too many disabilities, or the mother does not feel qualified to be a mother at the moment it is all legal. My personal standpoint is that abortion should not be legal unless the baby could be harmful to the women’s health because there will always be an exception if you said, “no abortion legal ever”. My view point used to not always be that way. I had always supported the “it is your body” argument. What changed my mind was a neighbor, she was a newlywed without kids and befriended me. We would talk all the time and she wanted to know all about my life and we got very close. After a couple of months of talking she shared her story. Her birth mother was 16 when she got pregnant and contemplated abortion back and forth but ultimately decided she was not going to kill a baby because she did not want to keep her mistake. She put her baby up for adoption and since my neighbor was three days old my neighbor had an adopted mom and dad. She calls them mom and dad and they all love each other very much. Until hearing that one of my biggest mentors could have been aborted it struck me. No baby deserves to be aborted and abortion is murder. So many couples are unable to have children and their hearts are broken. The amount of abortions in the United States is unnecessary and we can fix what has become an epidemic in this country. You have no idea who that child will influence in the future, or what amazing things that child can accomplish and its not your job to stop that child from growing up to be that person.

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