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Hands Up For Mike Brown, But Not For God
September 16, 2014 Tebraie Johns

Hands Up For Mike Brown, But Not For God

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On August 9th, in the city of Ferguson, Missouri, Mike Brown was fatally shot which sparked nationwide outrage and a passionate response on social media. From Facebook, Twitter, to Instagram, Americans of all races, classes, and religions made their voices heard. Many felt the reasoning behind the shooting was racial injustice considering the fact that Brown was black, and the officer who shot him was white. Perhaps still fresh in their heads, the shooting of Trayvon Martin, in Florida, who was shot and killed in similar fashion, reignited the emotion of racial tension. To show support for what happen to Brown and many others, who were unnecessarily shot and killed by law enforcement personnel, social media users took pictures of themselves with their hands up. In addition to this, many protestors either marched or made signs with their hands up. Consequently, having hands up in the air is the universal sign of surrendering.

Many can put their hands up to show their love and support for what happen in Ferguson, but what about God? Why is it easier to go on social media and take a stand against social or racial injustice happening in the world, but when believers take a stand against the sin running rampart they get shut down or ignored? Some might argue that God is to blame for all the injustice in the world that He could easily wipe out all types of pain, heartache, tears, evil, prejudice, racial discrimination and sin, and I would agree. God can do all of that and much more, and He will. Sin came into the world due to the fall of man, but through the Son of Man, sin can be forgiven. Let us not only show the world we can be united with the raising of hands against injustice, but more importantly, let us raise our hands to show God that we surrender to His will and plan for our lives apart from sin.

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