Christianity Mocked Again in American Entertainment
February 19, 2013 Kurt Jaros

Christianity Mocked Again in American Entertainment

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Well, American culture has hit a new low. Instead of being entertained by people killing each other, now we have to take peaceful, holy people by making them violent.  Saturday Night Live (SNL) put out a skit this weekend that portrayed Jesus killing Roman guards. Check out the video below:

I’d really like to think about what motivates a person at NBC to think this sort of thing up.  What is going through their minds such that they think this is entertaining?  Imagine if we watched, for entertainment purposes, a skit of President Obama pushing the button for a drone killing. “Hahaha, that was hilarious.” No. It’s not funny. If NBC depicted Muhammad killing people Muslims across the globe would be outraged.  Moreover, why are entertainment shows still putting out material that involves violent, gruesome action but then hypocritically preach a message of world peace and unity?  Did they ever consider that they might incite the repulsion of some people?

It is interesting to think about the severity of this form of depravity.  NBC writers are most likely proud of the skit they have created.  But if Christianity is true, then Jesus will come back some day with the sword of judgment.  I imagine the NBC writers won’t be proud then, but ashamed of what they have done. Why does Christianity get to be mocked and insulted when other world religions get a pass?

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    Kevin 5 years ago

    It strikes me as too absurdly inverted to be mocking Christianity. Jesus didn’t have a problem with the Romans, and his willing sacrifice and forgiveness of the repentant is the main point of Christianity.

    I think SNL thought it up by asking, who would never ever have a fantasy revenge flick? Jesus. Because forgiveness is antithetical to that kind of revenge.

    Even while you ironically invoke that Jesus will return with a sword of judgment, you imagine that they simply won’t be proud of this skit, not that they won’t be forgiven for it.

    So, I think they were going for absurd-funny rather than true-funny. On the other hand, a skit about Obama’s drone killing or Muhammad killing people would be too close to reality for SNL. It could be culturally and politically meaningful. It could have serious repercussions on their lives. It would require a deft touch and a spine.

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