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Christian View of The Right to Die Bill
September 10, 2015 Walker Emmert

Christian View of The Right to Die Bill

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Yesterday, September 9th, the California assembly passed a bill that they are calling “the right to die bill”. This bill would grant the right to anyone terminally ill in the State of California the right to end their own life. They would voluntarily consume a lethal dose through a guided procedure. Although there is much debate involving this bill, many people see it as a good thing because it is a way to end suffering and pain. If I would view this as any human would, I would celebrate this bill because it puts an end pain and suffering. However, if I view this from my Christian perspective, it is much harder to accept. I believe life is a gift from God, and if we voluntarily choose to throw that gift away, then we are disgracing him. This topic is something I have always struggled with as a Christian. I understand why someone would choose to end their suffering, but voluntarily ending your own life is something I struggle to comprehend. It is a struggle because I will never be able to truly understand their perspective, because I haven’t experienced the pain and suffering they have to endure.

Even though life can be unbearable and painful, I believe it was meant for us to endure and turn to God in those times of need. The beauty of God’s grace is shown in times of struggle and pain, so I believe ending your own life means you are potentially missing out on that beauty. I understand that people at that point in their lives might feel abandoned and helpless, but God hates watching you suffer and he wants to have a relationship with you. He wants you to turn to him and ask for help.

There are many questions I have pertaining to the act of voluntarily ending your life. It is a confusing topic as a Christian and I want to point out that this topic is something I don’t know the complete answer to. For example, someone could be a strong and faithful christian, but physical suffering could be a part of their everyday life. They could have the option to end the suffering and they might view it as them running to join God in heaven. Scenarios like this are hard for me to grasp because I haven’t experienced that pain. However, I firmly believe that God is loyal and his beauty is shown in times of suffering.


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