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Abortion Blog
February 12, 2015 Wednesday Addams

Abortion Blog

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            Abortion, not a subtle topic, but rather an issue that has been propelled into a great abyss of controversy and debate, perpetually. Perhaps, a topic that has become abundantly debated, and therefore, causes an abundance of people to be enervated. I discern this to the fullest potential. It can feel like waking up every morning and feeding your heart to Godzilla. Still, I possess optimism that you do not become bereft of interest, due to the subject matter.

            As I reach into the deepest regions of my inner psyche, I am overcome with the realization that the Bible does not specifically mention abortion. However, the scripture provides teachings, which reveal transparency into the view of abortion.

“You shall not murder”-Exodus 20:13

“Surely I was sinful at birth, sinful from the time my mother conceived me”-Psalm 51:5

            This presents to us a window, that it is erroneous to murder, and that the unborn is a person. I’m cognizant, that the reader may reject conventional religious teachings, figures, and social habits. I’ll be so audacious as to assume there is a divvy of you, who believe there is no possible way you can be rivaled in general intellectual superiority. Thus, you can no longer read this compost heap I call a blog entry, and have stopped. Please, understand that I understand your potentially opposing view on abortion.

            The carousel of arguments is typically as follows: the fetus is not yet a human, because it can’t survive outside the uterus. A woman’s body belongs to her, therefore she possess the right to do with it as she chooses. What about abortion in the cases of rape? Surely, that makes it okay, right? This is implying that the lives of children, who are conceived by rape, are less than that of a child conceived traditionally.

Many women feel obligated and trapped, thus resorting to abortion. Their mind is like an orgy of broken thoughts, rather than a coherent solution. Surely, we do not desire potential shaming and expense. Therefore, I feel compelled to leave with a question. Who wins with abortion?



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