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February 17, 2016 Christian Y

Impact Blog Post

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The most wanted thing across the globe. The most sought after entity ever to exist on earth. It causes poverty, death, war, and hatred within the soul. Some call it a blessing some call it a curse. Some spend their entire life seeking it while some spend their entire life never having it. Some are so poor that its all that they have. People kill others for just a handful and people kill themselves for not having enough. It’s a drug in todays society and one that wont ever go away. It changes across the globe but from east to west and south to north, all love what it can bring them. It is the reason for diversity, it is the reason some continue to live, but also the reason we fail. It is a piece of paper, a sliver of a tree, it is dangerous to have to much, but even more dangerous to have too little. It is money. Today we live in a world where people don’t know when enough is enough, they don’t know how to live happily with what they have, they seek to obtain more even when more can cost them their life. Even when more means trading passion for money. Trading happiness for a big house and fancy car. Money is the cause for so much evil in the world. People today need to see that life is not all money, life is not all about success, life is meant to be enjoyed day by day, loving what you do and loving what you have. Money is a tool to survive, not a basis to thrive. Its hard to stop when you begin to obtain it in access but I sincerely hope the world understands that until you decide within yourself to be happy, money will never take you there. It is the fall of man, the reason for killing and the reason for hatred. It’s the way to power, but the simple truth of it all is that money is worthless. If you die at the end of your life, whether you believe in heaven, reincarnation, or that you cease to exist, money doesn’t go with you in any of those options. So why spend your entire life fighting for something that has no lasting value? Life goes by fast, don’t live it for money alone, but live life the way we were created to live. Live it for the King and use the money He blesses you with to His glory, don’t fight for more but recognize that it is the fall of man only because man lets it be. Choose to use money beneficially, choose to be happy with what you have and let it be a blessing not a curse. Some people are so poor that all they have in this word is money, it’s a piece of paper, not a god. Know the difference.

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    Abortion as an Issue of Society
    The issue of abortion has been a topic that is widely controversial. The pro-life versus pro-choice battle is one that has been resolved with the legalization of abortion. While this fact remains, the situation is not so black and white and there is still a battle between the pro-life and pro-choice sides.
    While women who choose this course of action have full liberty to do so, a 48 hour wait, brochures, etc. are required to deter the mother from making a decision that she might regret in the future. Recently, opponents of abortion proposed in a Florida statehouse to add more precautions to the process of getting an abortion. This bill suggests that an ultrasound must be shown to the mother by the doctor. The mother may choose to look away or close her eyes but the doctor is held at a $100,000-$250,000 fine if he or she refuses to do so.
    I am neither pro-life or pro-choice, merely on the basis that I cannot reconcile the arguments on this issue with my faith. That being said, I think it is a good idea to require the mother to come to terms with the severity of what she is doing. Showing her the images of the fetus does not in any way change what she is doing but it might make her think twice about what she is doing. While the bill comes from a pro-life standpoint, I don’t think trying to change her mind is leaning upon one side or the other. As long as the mother is fully responsible for her actions, I think this implementation is necessary to ensure that women are the most safe.
    Many proponents of pro-life are against this measure and see it as a way for republican politicians to humiliate and shame women. I see this as an extreme view on a measure that is taken to potentially protect women. I know that proponents of pro-choice find it hard to believe but those that are pro-life are only doing what they believe is best for the mom and child. With this in mind, it is easy to see how both sides are rooting for what they believe in because they feel like they are protecting the interests of the mother better.

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