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    It has been 15 years since the Twin Towers were hit in an attack against America by the Islamic Terrorist group of al-Qaeda. For millions of Americans there is still a sting from the tragedy. 2,996 innocent lives were lost that day. That is 2,996 families and all the friends of these individuals that experienced a sudden loss. The country mourned for these deaths that day, and we will never forget.
    Although horrible, this kind of tragedy is not an uncommon occurrence. This world is tainted, corruption is prevalent. It seems nothing is pure, naive or innocent. There is stealing, killing, maliciousness, selfishness and a disregard for others. This raises a lot of questions about the nature of humanity. But there is also another side to humanity, as seen when the people of the community came together to deal with the aftermath of the attack. During this time there was compassion, love, charity and empathy for one another. It should not take a tragedy such as this to push us to such kindness. The world would become a more virtuous place if we put these values into practice daily instead of letting the corruption of the world creep in until it is blatantly obvious and horrible.
    For the sake recognizing one another as human beings with gift, passion, difficulties and livelihoods we need to put our best foot forward every day. Open your eyes to see people. See and love the whole person because each and every one of us is precious and unique. That is such a gift and if we fail to recognize it then we are missing out on this beautiful and colorful world we live in. Let’s not let evil and corruption cloud this world that is full of people who are diverse and special.

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