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    There have been many ethnic and religious conflicts within India in the past. It seems like today there have been more and more problems with the added complications from the outside. One that critical religious conflict that happened was when “A Muslim sovereign state of Pakistan was born amidst ghastly communal violence but almost as many Muslims as there were in the new constituted Pakistan stayed in India.” This goes on to the point of Pakistan keeping their roots alive and pushing the Muslims into a position where they had to defend their right to stay in India. With these conflicts between the two religious groups it goes back to their roots and what their beliefs are. It has lead to violence with riots and many people have been caught in the cross fire. With starting riots like these and fighting for what they believe seems to fall under the self-sacrifice category. This self-sacrifice can be seen as noble act for one’s beliefs but it is widely seen as unnecessary. Someone can always express their acts of hatred or protest without harming others that are around them. Both sides, Pakistan and Muslims, can glorify their gods and beliefs by making non-violent protests such as Martin Luther King Jr..

    But today these riots and conflicts have lessened, “It would be wrong, to conclude that the entire Muslim community in India has been under pressure.” The pressure has now been eased off giving one another space to preform their religious acts a little more freely with less conflict. Although this is true there are still, “many cultural differences exist among them.” It has reached it self to politics, “Religion is a particularly effective vehicle of political mobilization…in the Sikh community from fragmented and weak political expression.” They have now found out how to influence a higher power to receive what they want for their beliefs. This is a much better why, even though it may be a little dirty, because it leaves a lot less violence and not as many people are endangered by this method. I hope to see in the future a less amount of these conflicts so that both sides can breath easy and concentrate on themselves instead of the other surrounding conflicting beliefs.

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