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    Who are you? What do you define yourself by? Many people would include their sexual orientation on that list of adjectives. I want to challenge that and say that sexuality does not define a person. Sexuality is a desire we act upon. Society needs to get away from defining people as Gay, Straight or transgender. We are simply human beings and the subsets of which are male and female. I do know that sexuality is more than just something we act out with our bodies and it is a deep yearning. However it is not something you are. One mention of person’s sexual orientation and everyone is quick to grab a sword and shield heading to war to fight for what they believe is “right”. Homosexuality has been prevalent throughout History it is not a new idea. In fact you had Gay roman emperors as early as 54 AD. In today’s society anything that oppresses our sexual desire and asks us to deny our feelings is defined as denying who we are. People are wonderful creations, do we really minimize that by saying we are an orientation. There are true things about each of us but those true things do not define us. I am not the rape victim nor is the drug addict just a drug addict. People are more complex than that. There are many facets to each of us. How do people allow that one term to rule over their lives and define them? People are so much more than words we place upon them.
    God exists with or without a person’s belief in Him. The original creation setting was to live in harmony with God. That harmony meant living without shame or fear. Then Eve bit the apple and humanity fell, hard. Everyone goes through life feeling those unfulfilled desires gathering dust in a proverbial closet. Life is not always the satisfying answers and happy endings. Life is sometimes the difficult and painful. Every person on this planet knows what it is like to desire something that for whatever reason they cannot have. That statement is not meant to negate the anguish a homosexual person may feel towards having to deny their sexual orientation to become a follower of Christ however that statement goes to say we are with you, we have felt that same anguish towards some part of ourselves.

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