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    This argument for the existence of a higher being than man, stems from the belief that there is absolute truth and a moral right and wrong. An example of something that would be considered morally wrong in society is murder. Right and wrong in their simplest form can be referred to as good or evil.The big question that must be answered here is where good and evil come from. Some argue that good and evil stems from evolution. The problem with this argument is that any moral that is evolving can change. If they can change for the good or bad, there must be some standard to judge this. For thousands of years, prominent societies dominated weak society’s and enslaved them.At one point this was considered a normal way of life. In current society this is viewed as morally wrong. If evolution were the standard for morality, slavery could once again be accepted in the future. If evolution is the standard for morality, than who are we as humans to criticize one another? For all we know it could yet again be morally right to enslave other human beings. In the end, evolution suggests that morality is objective. Some believe that reasoning can be used to determine moral right and wrong. Reasoning can be used to recognize right and wrong, however, it is impossible to gain right and wrong strictly from reasoning. A murderer can plan his murder without ever considering that murder is wrong. During the holocaust, many gentiles chose to save jews from persecution, at the time this would have been a very unreasonable thing to do because they would have been risking their own lives. However, in todays society, those who chose to risk their lives to save the jews during the holocaust are viewed as heroes because many agree that their actions were morally right. Thus something above reason must determine what is morally right and wrong. Some state that they believe that ones conscience is what determines morality. This can not be true however because everyones conscience is different. Some people even appear to have no conscience at all. Adalph Hitler spoke to many of his men’s consciences to lead them to do the right thing which he believed was killing the jews. If conscience is what determines morality, then we would have no ground to argue that our own consciences which tell us the murdering of jews is wrong is right, and that Hitler’s conscience which told him that murdering jews was right is actually wrong. Another argument for the source of moral right and wrong is that it stems from human nature. Unfortunately, this cannot be true because human nature can lead us to do hundreds of horrible deeds, such as murder, abuse, thievery and the like. Human nature is ultimately what causes our need for morality. If human nature were given free reign, the world would be in chaos. The next concept for morality is the utilitarian point of view. Which is, “whatever causes the greatest happiness for the greatest number.” In past society’s, slavery was a way for powerful society’s to maintain their edge. The free work cause the more powerful society’s to thrive. If utilitarianism were the judge for morality, than slavery must be morally right.

    After examining all of these views in society, none of them seem to hold water upon deeper analysis. Morality cannot come from evolution, reason, conscience, human nature, or utilitarianism. If morality cannot come from any of these things, where does it come from? Morality, unlike many other laws, is determined not by what is, but by what should be. In essence, morality is correct human behavior. There is no evidence to suggest that morality appears physically. Their are not atoms, genes, or DNA which determine morality. Therefore whatever determines morality must exist separate from this world. In other words, what determines moral right and wrong must exist outside our world, and enter the realm of what people like to call the supernatural. The fact that morality exists proves the existence of something beyond nature and beyond man.

    This blog post was inspired by Boston College PragerU. “Where do good and evil come from?”

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