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    Let’s face it, evolutionists have no idea how the universe began, in fact there are still many that believe it has always existed, however science clearly shows us that there in fact WAS a beginning. Assuming the Big Bang actually happened, they cannot even begin to explain where the matter and energy came from to begin with.

    While reading Victor Stenger’s book “God: The Failed Hypothesis”, he writes a response to the question “Why is there something rather than nothing?”. I came to page 132 and wondered what type of twisted logic this clearly intelligent man had conjured up in his attempt to refute the existence of a supreme being. I found his argument to be shockingly weak.

    The argument starts out by asking what the definition of “nothing” is. Right off the bat I can sense his frustration with this topic; why would we have to define “nothing”? Ok, well here is my so-called definition: nothing is NOTHING. A complete and utter void; no time, no matter, no air, no gravity, no light – absolutely nothing. Stenger goes on to ask, “does ‘nothing’ have properties?”. Again, I simply do not understand such a foolish question. If “nothing” is nothing then obviously no it does not have properties. If it had properties it would be “something”.

    His next question -“Why is there a God instead of nothing?”. Now that is something we should freely admit that we have no way of knowing. What we do know is that He does and MUST exist because without an outside cause, there would be no effect – there would be nothing. This outside agent, the “cause”, is what we call God. This ties into his next question, “Why should ‘nothing’ be a more natural state of affairs than ‘something’?”.

    I stopped at that point and reread the question a few times. Is he serious?
    Answer: Because “something” cannot exist without cause.

    Was that supposed to be a trick question?

    The existence of God is so evident that we have no excuse not to believe (Romans 1:20).

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