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Resources to Help You Defend the Deity of Jesus

Resources to Help You Defend the Deity of Jesus

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Four Things We Won’t Need in Heaven (But Ought to Pursue Here on Earth)

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God Won’t Let You Down

You’re grabbing a drink at Starbucks, and you’re waiting to the side of the register when you hear in the background “So don’t let me, don’t let me, don’t let me do... »

Equality, Justice & Love

“I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color,” 49ers Colin Kaepernick told media last month, explaining his belief in not standing ... »

trump vs hilary

Paper View Plain Text View Richard Nicholas Swizek Foundation of christian thought Impact blog post 09/12/2016 The presidential race is something as Americans we all should be paying attention to. As ... »

Death Row

Are you pro-life or pro-choice? One of the heavily debated topics going around this country is should mothers and parents be able to have the choice or not to keep their unborn child. This debate has ... »

Safety or Equality?

  In the past year, the world, and more specifically the United States, has been on a rant to treat people equally and to exclude discrimination. It is always a good thing to treat one another wi... »

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